Ring is SO delayed in notifying me

My ring doesn’t notify me in time. Heck today I got inside my home before my phone even gave me notification. I want to know when someone pulls into my driveway, not when they have already rang the doorbell! Ive tried putting wedges behind the device. I’ve tried extending the motion (but then I get road traffic!). Very frustrating.


I get that too. Don’t think there’s much we can do about it. It’s not our fault. You just have to wait and see if they fix it.

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I think we are all fed up with the slow speed of motion alerts. It seems they are sent to their cloud before sending to our phones! They need to speed this up because it is always far to late to view who is there.

Even using Rapid Ring app, which helps see live view faster…still not any point when notifications come in so late!

Come on Ring!!! Get your finger out and solve this, get faster servers or whatever tech stuff you need to do!!!

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As they say, “Welcome to the cloud!”

Recording locally would solve SO many problems the Ring devices have today. Heck, they could even charge a $1/m recording fee extra for local recording, then they could be getting $4/m from people. Come on, DirecTV charges you for being able to record locally on the DVR in your house. Why couldn’t Ring do that? Just use the internet for outgoing alerts and viewing.

I’d pay an extra $1/m for better reliability. Heck, I’d even spend more money to purchase a new Ring device that would have a 512GB MicroSD local recording.

Come on Ring, your camera has been out since 2013. What progress have you made in those 7 years?

Sped up android on some things here by going into Settings/Battery Optimization & setting Phone and Apps that I need instant notifications from as Not Optimized.