Ring iOS App - iPad Dashboard Landscape View

Hello - Is it possible to expand the view from two colums to four columns when using an iPad in landscape view. There’s so much wasted space there’s got to be a way…

Thanks in advance for any guidance.


Hey @JoeCNM! Which page or what exact elements are you looking to see more of in landscape view? Feel free to attach a screen shot for visual if possible. Looking forward to hearing back! :slight_smile:

See if the image below of an iPad in landscape mode helps visualize what I have tried to describe.

That’s a perfect visual of what you are looking for! While Tiles can be rearranged on the dashboard, the area containing those tiles remains the same despite a change in resolution size. Thanks for sharing this feedback with us, we will be sure to share this with our teams here. Feel free to also add this to the Feature Request board for other neighbors to engage and agree. This will help with reinforcement as we regularly share this feedback! :slight_smile:

I was wondering the same thing! I thought I was crazy, since in landscape view, virtually half the screen goes to waste when only seeing two columns. It’s been like that forever, so hopefully Ring will give us the option to see more than a few cameras at a time, especially since the Ring app has been available on the iPad for years.