Ring Indoor Cams Do Not Come Back up After Internet Outage

I am away for months at a time. I have 3 Ring Stick Up Cams, a Ring Doorbell, a Ring Mailbox Sensor and 3 Indoor Cams. I also have 3 Wyze cameras. If the internet goes out, they all come back up except for the 3 Ring Indoor Cams. They are the closest cameras to the router, one is even in the same room as the router, so it’s not the wifi signal strength. My router reboots automatically twice a week. Last time this happened, 2 of the 3 Ring Indoor Cams came back up after the reboot. I will have to wait to see if it works this time.

For me, it seems like this is a problem with the Ring Indoor Cams, not a problem with my router. I do not want to set my router up for remote access and it doesn’t seem like I should have to. It also doesn’t seem like I should have to be there to reset the cameras. The point of having these cameras is that I am not home.

Is there some solution other than having to physically be there to reset things or can I not depend on Ring Indoor Cams?

Hi @StubbyJames. If your Indoor Cameras are not reconnecting to your wifi automatically, try these additional steps to see if they help:

If you have tried these steps and they are still not automatically reconnecting to your wifi, give our support team a call to further investigate this with you.