Ring indoor camera vibrating when in live record motion mode

Hi All I have just install 2 ring indoor cameras and both are working as they should but one of the cameras when in live record and motion detect mode vibrates when a motion is dected and records it didnt do it in the beginning but has started doing it now and I need to turn the vibrate function off as it freaks one of my dogs out when it happens. The other camera is fine and doe’s not do this Thanks any help would be great

Hey @pat113. This is not a feature on the Indoor Cam, and should not be happening. Just to see what exactly is going on, could you please take a video of what this looks like and reply to this thread with said video! This will help us isolate your concern to see what needs to be done to resolve it. For a speedier resolution, you can also reach out to our support team here and email in this video to help@ring.com before you call so they can refer this video when you speak to them.