Ring indoor camera not updating image

My Ring indoor camera is showing the same image. I’m not able to see live view. Image is not updating. I’ve already rebooted the device and still have the problem.

The Camera Previews should be updating as long as your Camera is online and you are subscribed to a Protect Plan. Check out our Help Center article for more tips on Camera Previews :slight_smile:

I’m aware of that, I’ve been using Ring cameras for several months. The issue I’m reporting is that suddenly it stopped working… it doesn’t record or stream.

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I am having the same problem too, just started happening a week ago. I haven’t changed anything in my network. Been working fine for a year.

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Hey Neighbors. What version of the Ring app do you have installed, and on what type of phone? Also, what is the RSSI for this device? This information can be found in the Device Health section of the Ring app. Try viewing the Indoor Cam on Ring.com to see if you are able to view the cam on there.

RSSI-57, 5.49.0 but it happens on all my devices plus PC.


I have 3 Ring devices that all went offline in the night. Is it a coincidence that my iPhone updated in the same night to IOS 15.3.1?? It’s a security patch to deter hackers. So I called Ring support and my Internet provider and no answers.
Has to be something related here???

Hi @fe7284a90101722d1ea90744247010. Thank you for that information. I’ll provide this feedback to the appropriate team so they can look into this a little more. If you have any other questions in the mean time, feel free to ask.