Ring Indoor camera not connecting to iPhone.

I installed an Indoor Camera in my vacation home and set it up on my iPhone. It was working fine. I then set it up on my iPad and computer. A few days later it stopped working on my phone but continues to work on the other 2 devices. I have unplugged it and tried to get it to “blinking” stage on the camera to reinstall it on my phone, but it won’t blink or reinstall. It continues to work on the computer and tablet.

Hey @DenverSteve. What feature of the camera is not working on your iPhone? Is the Live View not loading on your iPhone, but on your tablet/computer it is fine?

What was the end result. I am having the same issue. I’ve offloaded app, rebooted my phone and reinstalled app again. I deleted a camera, reinstalled, still will not connect. I have to problem with iPad and Macbook, just iPhone. Thanks