Ring indoor camera can't setup

I have a ring indoor camera. The blue light for setup doesn’t flash for setup. I push and hold the button on the top of the camera, the blue light comes on and goes off. Never blinks.

What do I do? Can the unit be reset? Thanks

Hey @Jac65. Are you getting any sign of life at all? If you’re pressing the setup button and not getting any lights at all, please try to unplug and replug in the Indoor Cam. Sometimes the back of the plug needs to be pushed in more for the power to connect and it to turn on. I also ran into this with my Indoor Cam and had to push a little bit harder than normal to get it to connect in the back, lol! Let me know if this helps, and if not, please give our support team a call here.

When I plug up the camera 10 seconds later the blue light comes on and goes off.

If I hold the power button down 24 seconds the blue light comes on and goes off.

Nothing more. Side note. I purchased this cameria to keep an eye on my Beagle who’s name is Chelsea…

@Jac65 A-ha! I love that your Beagle and I have the same name! :joy_cat: Too funny. I’m glad you got some lights, but it seems like they aren’t on long enough to finish setup, so I recommend to call our support team here please!