Ring indoor cam setting changed themselves

Hey all,

We are new to Ring! We set up cams outside our house and set up one indoor cam in the house. Everything has been great, except for last night.

We have all the motion settings turned off for when we are home for our indoor cam. But last night while we were sleeping the motion string look like they got ticked on by themselves. The cam kept coming on. Dog sleep out in the living room.

Has this ever happened to anyone? Kinda creepy. :eyes:

Hi @user45812. When you say the Indoor Cam kept coming on, do you mean you had a motion event in the Event History? There are several different controls for both motion alerts and motion detection your Cameras. You could have motion alerts silenced via Motion Snooze, but the Camera is still going to detect motion.

To disable motion detection, you can utilize the Mode settings (with a Ring Protect plan) to set whether or not the Camera will detect and record motion based on which Mode itโ€™s in. Iโ€™d recommend verifying your Mode settings to ensure you have everything set the way youโ€™d like for the Indoor Cam.