Ring Indoor Cam Outlet Mount?

Anyone know if a similar product is available for the Ring Cam as I had with my Nest cam?


I would like to conceal the cord as much as possible and the nest mount above did that perfectly.


Hey @alphabets. At this time we only have the one type of cord option for our Indoor Cam, but it’s a great idea! I will make sure to pass on this feedback to the appropriate team for you. In comparison, if you’re looking for something that is cordless, you can achieve this by getting our Stick Up Cam Battery. This would eliminate the cord all together and leave you with just a camera’s replaceable battery to worry about.

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Thank you for the response, Chelsea. I am still comparing cams, but was leanng towards the smaller indoor as I only need it for indoor use and I prefer the smaller size. There may be something in the aftermarket that would work for now without actually having to attach to my wall.

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