Ring Indoor Cam making 'clicking' noises?!

I tried my outdoor stickup cam w/ battery inside my home just now.

it also clicks. but if I have it in disarmed/disabled alarm mode and mode settings for this cam are both set to OFF for no motion detect, no recording motion, and no live view the cam is silent. no clicking. good!

also if I turn both settings ON it clicks again. interestingly with the TV OFF and just turning the ceiling fan lights ON the cam clicks and turning light off the cam clicks again. each time changing to color mode and back to IR mode. It CLICKS.

if I have the TV ON usually the cam is in color mode and turning the ceiling fan lights ON and OFF just makes the image and color brighter or darker but it does not change to IR mode so since it stays in one mode Color, it is quiet. no clicking. unless the TV has a veey dark scene then it goes to IR and clicks. and later to color mode when it gets brighter and clicks.
But it is not as often as the stickup mini indoor wired cam.

so maybe this battery Stick up outdoor cam is the way to go for now?
it just costs twice as much. Smiley Sad

I suppose that the stickup mini might be ok if you have your lights cranked up while watching TV so it never goes to IR mode. But who watches TV that way?

But that indoor mini should not be playing with the IR when it is set to not ever be in live mode and not detecting motion or recording with motion. it should be OFF.

these two cams are coded differeny or there hardware is substantially different when it comes to the IR filter circuit.

please fix the indoor stick up mini.

I sent mine back to amazon for replacement but im not holding out much hope its going to fix it

I played around and had a thought. the way I use it, the cam is OFF when im home and only on when im away and it is in a room that has a light on so I do not need IR on. I use it with IR (infra-red) turned OFF. but it was still clicking all the time even when IR, motion detection and motion alerts was turned OFF in the Ring APP for disabled mode or home mode.

I first tried just putting an opaque paper cylinder around the whole cam, (leaving a slit in the back for the wire). the cover makes it so it can not see light changes and that worked plus it could not record anything if it was accidently ON as it is covered up. but no way would I remember to remove it before leaving the house.

I have it in disabled mode when in disarmed mode and in home modes. but it clicks when not covered up.

I ended up putting tape on the IR port so it does not sense light changes from the TV or the bright ceiling fan lights.


so I could not find any documentation on the indoor stickup cam describing the ports but this is what appears to be the case, maybe.

top port - the camera lens
next down - multicolored LED
next down - microphone port or motion port?
next down - Infra Red sensor
Bottom meshing - speaker and maybe Mic port?

But that last port right above the speaker meshed area is the IR port. if you cover it up good the clicking stops.

I just put what I thought was solid opaque blue masking tape over it cut thin to not also cover speaker or Mic or whatever the ports are above and below.

but it still clicked occasionally so I put another layer of tape over the one that I put on earlier. that worked!

I think some black electrical tape would do it but I was too lazy to go down to garage to get it!

But it seems to work now. No Clicks.

I think you can use linked-device for a smart light bulb or a smart outlet switch with a lamp plugged into it and turn on a light when the cam detects motion so that at night it has enough light to not need IR so it does not click.

you need a bridge for the Smart light bulbs or smart switch. I use the linked-device for outdoor doorbell cam to turn on lights nearby.

I also use linked-device to turn on multiple deck lights when a outdoor stickup cam senses motion. That works well and times lights out on its own.

So a piece of tape fixed it for me over the IR port and turn IR off as well. but use a light in the room or night recordings will be black. But no more clicking!

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Well done, I didnt think of that.

I’ve learned that you can cover the Infrared light with black tape and the clicking stops. You’ll see everything in black and white. But you can still see everything.

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