Ring indoor Cam gen 2 can’t use ring edge?

I’m trying to use my ring edge feature of my Alarm Pro and every time I try to select the Ring Indoor Cam Gen 2 I’m presented with a message that says the camera needs a firmware update. The camera seems to never update and if I check firmware it says it has the latest one.

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I can’t enable Edge Local Video storage on these Generation 2 Indoor Cameras… It keeps saying I need a firmware update ! Fix this please !

Hi @StephenAntonacci. Would you mind sharing a screenshot of what you’re seeing in the Ring app when you try to select the Indoor Cam (2nd Gen)? I’d be happy to check with my team on this.

This is what I see ^^^

& I see this showing no firmware update is available.

I have provided the screen shots. Please get this fixed.

@StephenAntonacci Thanks for sharing those screenshots. I’ve passed this feedback onto my team so they can investigate further. At this time, we do not have any updates to share. Thank you for your patience.

Doesn’t look like Ring has any plans to update the firmware. Concerned that Ring is not supporting brand new devices.

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Same problem here. Already had the indoor camera and got my alarm pro today and setup. Doorbell video is fine but the wired indoor camera says it need firmware update but is up to date already.

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Gen 2 indoor cameras are still waiting for a firmware update to use Ring Edge. Support and moderators can provide no info aside from ‘will pass it along’.

Any actual information or updates would be greatly appreciated. Please support your products.

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I am very disappointed with this !! How does the Gen 2 camera have less functionality then the Gen 1 =( Update your products !!!

uhh is this a joke Ring? Gen 2 cameras can’t connect to ring edge?

Same problem here. Has anyone had success with 2nd gen cams and Ring Edge?

I have the same problem with gen 2 cam. It’s been long enough. Please have this fixed already.