Ring home security sensors using a TP-Deco mesh network

Rather than using a eero extenders, I would like to utilize my multi-node TP-deco mesh network. This works for the Ring Cameras and Doorbell, but will it work for the contact sensors and motion detectors to feed the Base Station?

Hi @Cmcclain. Contact Sensors and Motion Detectors do not rely on WiFi for their connection to the Base Station. Instead, they use Z-Wave signal. Ring Alarm components are only capable of being connected directly to the Base Station.

Since my house is made of concrete and requires a mesh network just to get wifi throughout the house, what will I need to ensure all of the sensors are capable of communicating with the base station?

Also, if I keep my cameras on the wifi network, will they be excluded from the home security system?

Hi @Cmcclain, happy to step in here and further clarify. The Ring Alarm components, such as the Contact Sensors and Motion Detectors, do not utilize wifi. The mesh network you have doesn’t impact the connectivity of your Ring Alarm components because they do not use wifi. Only the Ring Alarm Base Station uses wifi, and can be connected either via wifi or ethernet cable. Ring Cameras and Doorbells are not directly a part of the Ring Alarm Security system and they cannot trigger the siren on the Base Station.

Thank you for the clarification. Exactly what I was looking for.

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@Cmcclain You’re welcome! :slight_smile: