Ring History

I am so fed up with ring customer support and not being able to understand these people and having to struggle with a conversation. 2 calls to ring and nothing accomplished. Wanted me to take my whole ring down from the electric. She said go to your camera and uninstall it. Disconnect the whole thing. Do these people even realize that they are mounted on houses even after I told her. I am not an electrician I paid to have these installed. I have 4 ring cameras and you can bet they are all going back. 1 simple question turned into one guy trying to sell me a plan which I already have. I asked to speak to someone else he wouldn’t let me I hung up and he called back and left a long VM. I called back and got a lady whom again I could barely understand . So 1 hour with ring and nothing accomplished.
All I want to do is have my ring cameras record my in frames like my ring doorbells do. And she said I have to take it down from the electric.
4 cameras and I have to deal with incompetence. The reason why I got so many cameras is because we had an event. This is my security I am talking about here and I can’t get help.
I’m done with ring

Hi @Marinochick61. I’m sorry to hear you haven’t been able to resolve your concern by working with our support team. We can provide general troubleshooting assistance here on the Ring Community, but we would need to know what your question or concern is, in addition to which model of Ring device you have.