Ring history format changed! Can I change it back?

Today the Ring app shows history in a series of little thumbnails, compared to the prior format. This is new. I really prefer the old format, am I able to change it back? Thanks!

Hi @donawalt. This is part of a recent update to the Ring app and it cannot be toggled off or reverted to the previous version of the Event History at this time. You’re welcome to add your feedback to the Feature Request board, which is where we gather and share suggestions and ideas with our teams here. :slight_smile:

HELP! Yesterday I downloaded the iphone app update. Now in my Event History file, instead of just telling me Motion - Front Door and the time there is also a picture. The picture takes up too much room on my iphone. I used to tap the time to see the video. I DO NOT WANT TO SEE THE PHOTO. Any idea how to get rid of this view? THANK YOU!!

Hi @user30336. I have moved your post into an existing thread regarding the same question that has already been addressed. This is part of a recent update to the Event History and cannot be reverted.

I am very disappointed. Will be looking for a new video doorbell.