Ring HDR video has lower framerate?


Since about a week I own a Ring Door View Cam, and besides the audio problems I have with timeline event viewer and my Samsung Note9 (see other posts, this affect all users with modern Samsung phones and the Android app with timeline event viewer feature on) I’m very happy with my device!

One thing I noticed today I wanted to ask the community, and/or tech-support:

When using the HDR video feature turned on, it seems to me that the framerate of the video is lower then without HDR. The videos look like mich more “choppier”, and I estimate the framerate between 7-10 fps. The video is still encoded with 15 fps, but the real fps seem to be lower when compared to a NON-HDR recording.

Can it be that HDR combines two frames to one, the get the HDR effect? Therefore reducing the real fps to ~7-8?

It seems to me that the NON-HDR videos look better, because of the higher fps…

Does anybody have some information in regard to that?

Thank you and best regards from Vienna,


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It combines multiple snapshots at different exposures into a single frame to generate an image (or video) that looks more evenly exposed. The result is a more detailed image in which you will be able to pick out smaller details than is possible in an ordinary shot in very brightly lit areas. https://support.ring.com/hc/en-us/articles/360024512492-Using-the-HDR-High-Dynamic-Range-Toggle-on-Your-Ring-Device.

It seems that it’s normal to have FPS drops when in HDR mode since the device is performing simultaneous process. However, having a choppy video isn’t normal. Video quality depends on your wifi connection/speed, RSSI and some other internet related issues. If everything’s looking good with your connection, then I would suggest to contact tech support.

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Thank you for sharing @ML1504 ! @MrDoorKeeper is correct, choppy video should not be a result of toggling HDR on. The image should look clearer and the video should operate as normal. If this concern persists we recommend checking Wifi speeds, signal strength, and checking in with our support if nothing seems to improve.

Hi @ML1504, I also wanted to include some additional information here on this. The HDR frame rate in Europe is 10fps. Since European light fixtures operate at 50Hz, this lower frame rate prevents the appearance of flickering from any external lights caught on camera.

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Thank you Riley for this extremely usefull information for me, thank you very much!

I already figured out that without there would be 15fps, and with HRR only 10. Your post now confirms that this is normal and intented behavior!

Would be there any chance to change this? Maybe as a on/off feature in the app? The quality with HDR and 10fps is indeed lower then without HDR and fps. I think the 10fps ruin the HDR mode…

I think it should be easy for ring to include this (10fps or 15fps) in the app, and leave the choice to the user. If flickering because of 50Hz illumination occurs, the user can switch down to 10fps… All other ones will benefit from the 15fps instead of the 10fps, which is way less fluid…

Thank you and best regards, Markus

Hi @ML1504, thank you for sharing your feedback and interest for this feature, I will let the team here know this is important to you.