Ring has serious flaws

I’ve bought a “Ring door view cam”. Quite pleased with the basic unit, but it does have serious design flaws!

Why does it ring outside the house where you can’t hear it! This is of no use whatsoever.

I’ve bought two " chime units" but they play a sound for 2 seconds, totally useless.

Why can’t the user increase the duration of the period for which the bell sounds?

I have bought £10 doorbells which are far more effective at alerting me to someone at the door, than this system costing £200.

Also the highest volume of the chime is very low. Why can the highest volume be set a a louder level? Is this bad hardware design or bad software design?

Why is the product so badly thought out and poorly designed. £29 each for chime products that don’t work! Total rip off.

Very unhappy

Hi @Fred666. Have you looked through the other tones and sounds that are in the list of available ones in the app? I would recommend looking through the sounds that we have for the Chime tones on your Chime devices, as there are some longer and louder tones that we offer. We appreciate your feedback on this and rest assured I will pass on this information to the appropriate team! :smiley_cat:

Have you perhaps done the same thing as me?

When I first installed my chime, the volume was so low that it was almost useless.

I then discovered while attempting to use the reset buton on the side of the chime that it was enclosed in a plastic shrink wrap which is not mentioned in the installation instructions.

I removed the shrink wrap (with some difficulty) and now the chime is as loud as I need.

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