Ring has become the least innovative tech company

The community has been waiting for the last several years for Ring to start innovating again. I personally bought into this platform with the assumption that Ring would keep up to date with modern technology. Wow was I mistaken! We’ve asked about 4k video or at least the ability to see license plates on vehicles, the ability to actually see people’s faces clearly, the ability to zoom with optical zoom clarity. None of these have been delivered, nor has any timeline been set for when this may happen. I constantly check your product update page and it’s still showing the same laggard innovation, a drone that was never formally released, a construction kit of the same products painted orange, and a service that couldn’t possibly be useful without better technology on the cameras.

The latest bit of innovation we’ve seen is a car camera!?!? Oh and this years CES!?!? Nada, zip, zilch. Can you let us know when you plan on delivering new tech? Or just say “we’re done innovating here at Ring, better look at some other tech brands if you want something good.”