Ring Hardwired Transformer Kit? Question.

I have a Ring Video Doorbell Pro.

I moved. I posted about this already. In the move, I didnt take the Pro Power Kit with me. I read that the power kit is necessary for a new install at my new home.

The parts kit with the power kit is out of stock for over a week now.

I would like to get my camera setup. My question is about the Hardwired Transformer kit. I have this. If I install this kit, will that be sufficient power to not need the power kit any longer?

Can I install this transformer and not need the power kit?


Hey @lordreyrey. The only workaround to install a Ring Video Doorbell Pro without the Pro Power Kit is to get a Plug-In Adapter for your Doorbell Pro’s connection. Even when wiring directly to a transformer, a Pro Power Kit is required as it is the regulator of the power. The Plug-In Adapter has this built in. I recommend getting the Plug-In Adapter and then following this Help Center Article here for more information on how to install it as such. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

I have the ring doorbell pro, with existing wires outside, but I don’t have a indoor chime to connect the pro power kit to. I ordered the plug in adapter, but I just want to make sure if the pro power kit isn’t installed, will everything work properly?

Good question, @DreDay19! The Pro Power Kit is only needed in an installation where you are running wire from a transformer. It can be wired into an existing chime kit, or as a bypass cable, per the manual. In your case, without a chime kit and using the Plug-In Adapter, you will not need the Pro Power Kit. The Plug-In Adapter for the Doorbell Pro is able to hook up without anything else added. Just connect the wires, and plug in. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: