Ring Hardwired Doorbell disconnection issue

We have a Ring hard-wired Doorbell which keeps disconnecting from our WiFi. The fault is intermittent and, more times than not, it works perfectly fine but it is so irritating to discover that the Doorbell has gone offline.

(I say discover because you receive no notification to tell you of a connectivity/disconnection issue. It’s crazy that we are yet to receive this simple feature!).

In regards to our set-up, we have the Doorbell, a Ring Chime Pro and even use the official Ring transformer. The doorbell was installed professionally too.

I can see that my RSSI value, for the doorbell, is around -67, which I understand is poor. (This is when connected to the home WiFi). The Chime pro reads around -40.

Our router can’t be moved due to other requirements and frankly shouldn’t need moving as it is located in the room directly above the front door. I know for a fact that we get good WiFi connectivity out on the front of our property as I can use WiFi in the garage. Couple the good positioning of the router with the Chime Pro, which is next to the front door, and I’m really struggling to understand why our RSSI is so poor. The walls in our house are solid so I can see why that would be a problem, but as mentioned above, the doorbell is directly below the WiFi router and the router is next to a window.

The only solution I am yet to try is switching the 2.4Ghz but I am not overly keen on doing this as I don’t feel that I should need too.
You purchase a product like the Chime Pro for the enhanced benefits (and receive minimal benefit), then factor in the yearly subscription costs and suddenly a doorbell becomes quite the investment.

I’m very close to removing the Ring doorbell and trying a different brand to see if I have a better experience.

Any ideas for an improved RSSI would be appreciated but I have tried most options with no improvement.

Hi @AM_EF. You mentioned that the RSSI value for your Video Doorbell is -67 when connected to your home wifi. What does it read when you connect your Doorbell to the Chime Pro instead? The Chime Pro is a wifi extender, but you will need to manually connect your Doorbell to it. You can do so in the Ring app under Devices > your Chime Pro > Chime Pro Network > select your Doorbell and choose Switch to Chime Pro Network.