Ring Glass Break sensor false alarms

I believe I have found out why I’m getting false alarms from my (2nd) new Glass Break Sensor, and wonder if anyone else has encountered this…
I purchased my 1st sensor and it was giving permanently “tampered” alerts. I contacted Ring and they tested it remotely and confirmed it was faulty. I returned it to Amazon UK, and got an immediate next day replacement.
The second one appeared to work ok, with no immediate problems, until the early hours of the morning when the Alarm sounded!
On further inspection I believe that the problem lies with the small “post” that sits within the base of the unit. This “post” contacts with a microswitch in the main unit to send an “alarm alert” if the unit is tampered with.
Has anyone else had similar problems with this product?

Hi @user230155. The tampered alert means that the cover on your Ring Alarm sensor is not clicked fully into place. Try removing the cover from your Glass Break Sensor, and then ensure it is fully twisted into place. It’s also important for your Glass Break Sensor to be within 25 feet or less of the Base Station, as it won’t be able to update the status if the signal isn’t stable.

If your Glass Break Sensor continues to show as tampered, despite checking the cover and ensuring it’s within range of the Base Station, please follow up with our support team. There may be another issue going on that the Ring Alarm team can look into further with you.

faulty glass break sensor
again, in the middle of the night the glass break sensor triggered a tamper which set off the alarm - very disturbing as the cover is in place (sensors lined up) and not touched nor disturbed in any way. The first occurence happened with a different sensor in a different location and ring sent a replacement & so far so good.
Last nights tamper occurrence is in a different location.
There is no reason for the tamper and I am trying to figure out if maybe the device lost it’s connection to the base station - is there something I can install to increase the zwave signal?

Hi @user36197. I’d recommend getting in touch with our Ring Alarm support team to investigate this issue further. It very well could be a signal related issue, preventing the status from showing correctly. However, our support team will be able to review the issue in more depth and review things on the back end.

Regarding the false alarms problems as mentioned in my previous notes. I returned the second sensor back to Amazon for a full refund. I deduced again, that the “post” which activates the microswitch was not making sufficient contact to close the circuit. I then purchase a third sensor direct from Ring. This third item has had no problems, and is working fine.
I can only assume from this, that the batch that are being supplied by Amazon are faulty. ??

@user230155 I’m glad to hear you haven’t had the same issue with this new Glass Break Sensor. It’s definitely possible there was an issue with the particular batch you originally received, or some sort of damage was sustained during shipping.

I just bought one from amazon…got the same issues you had. Tamper on setup, for 1st hour or so it tampered a lot. I double checked everything and it stopped after a few hours.
Was stable for next 8 hrs then a tamper at 0530 in morning for no reason.

Read your post and returned unit, for refund, to amazon.

Looks to me Ring have build issues on these units and im sure they must be aware of it.

Update: new unit direct from Ring. Zero issues.

Definitely an issue with the product manufacture. When i got the second unit (from Amazon), and found it too was faulty, I actually “tested” it with a small “additional height” to the aforementioned pillar. Hey presto, no problem. Never the less, I returned it as faulty for a full refund. Amazon (Parent company of Ring I believe?) can’t be bothered testing them obviously…