Ring Gen 2 Cam crashes Orbi Mesh (RBR40 & RBR20)

I have an Orbi Mesh (RBR40 & RBR20s). I have had an original stickup cam that works fine with my network but just bought 2 gen 2 indoor cams. Hooked up the first one fine and even worked for a very short while but then the network started going down. After much back and forth, I finally disabled the Ring cam and the network became stable. Left cam off for several hours with no issues with the Orbi. Decided to reconnect the Ring cam and the network started crashing again. By crashing, I mean the network loses internet connection but I am still able to use ET. Once I removed the cam, the wireless started working again. Any thoughts?

Hi @Buzzoff13. If your network is crashing because you added another device to it, I would recommend reaching out to the Orbi support team first for further assistance. Feel free to come back and share what they were able to do to help.

Final Update: Installed 1st cam and installed 2nd cam w/o issue. After several attempts and “factory” resets, I was finally able to get 1st cam to work properly. Will monitor but hopefully this is now solved.

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