Ring Gen 1 doorbells Serious Issues

For the last 4 months or so my Ring Doorbells (Gen 1) are useless. Black videos. No live view.

1 of them is wired to my front doorbell and chime. 1 is battery. Both are having problems.

The last month or so, the one that is wired to my doorbell/chime no longer shows hardwired and does not ring the chime. I have disconnected the doorbell, to check that the chime is working and the wiring and power are in fact working properly. The doorbell just doesn’t read that it’s connected to the wiring.

I have reset and readded both doorbells. The problem is fixed for about an hour and then goes back to no live views, rarely detects motion at all, and black videos when it does see motion. Doorbell presses don’t even alert me until a solid minute after the doorbell was pressed.

This all started around the time ring started added all these ‘improvements’ the last 4 months or so.

I have called ring support, they walked me through resetting them. Again. And because they worked right after that, they closed the case. 2 hours later and no live view, black recordings, and rarely detecting motion.

I am at a complete loss as to what to do, but I think Ring really messed something up and won’t admit it. I’m paying for stuff that doesn’t work and it’s not making me a happy camper.



And today after another reset, no live view, not even detecting motion or recording. Still shows battery powered instead of hardwired, but the battery percentage has gone up!

Back doorbell won’t get live view either. I’m beyond frustrated.

Hi @Beaugart. It appears you’ve already done some in-depth troubleshooting for this concern. With this in mind, I would follow up with your support team. Since you have already contacted our support team, this should be evident in your account history and make for a streamlined call.