Ring frustration !! PLEASE HELP !!

First off, I am not an electronics guru. Last year I purchased the Ring pro doorbell. The adjustment period and sensitivity took a few days to get squared away, however it has never worked really good in the 2 way communicating. Every time someone is at the door they have an issue understanding me and I for sure can not understand them at all, after several months of this I was told by Ring that I needed to add a chime pro and It would fix this issue, even though the doorbell is only 20 feet from the router. So I waited a few more months and saved more money to add a few more pieces. I bought the spotlight cam and 2 chime pro. The chime pro did ZERO to help with doorbell and the spotlight cam turns on and off all night long has a super week signal. cant communicate at all and I have the sensitivity turned down so far that you almost have to jump up in front of it for it to come on with motion. I would love for it to come on when my wife and daughter pull into the driveway and it is dark.

I hope someone can tell me if this is just an issue of me not knowing the proper set up or did I just waste 600.00 plus dollars. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Sounds to me “no pun intended” that you may have a bad mike and/or speaker? I read a lot of problems with refurbished units but not sure if yours is. Send it back for exchange. When they work their wonderful. Good Luck!

Thank you for the advice, Mine was not refurbished it was purchased new. I would like to think they perform much better than mine has. I am not ready to throw in the towel yet, however I am really close to that point

Please contribute your voltage and RSSI level at https://community.ring.com/t5/Video-Doorbells/Realistic-Doorbell-Pro-Health/m-p/3232/highlight/true#M1006