Ring freezing during live view

Hello, I have the ring doorbell first gen. The live video and audio are freezing, however playback works just fine. What I’ve tried so far: -rebooted my router modem combo -switched my phone to use data to see if that helps -changed the channel on my modem/router -reset the ring doorbell I’m not sure what else I should try? I do have the chime pro extender but it’s the same distants from my front door to the chime pro and my home network so I don’t see how that would make a difference. My chime pro and router are across from each other. My ring health report shows a good signal strength usually averageing around rssi50 or a little above. This just started recently. Any other ideas? Thanks!
Note that I can not share a video regarding the issue as it only does it during live view or answering a live ring, when I play it back audio and video are fine.

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Is the RSSI for both the chime pro AND camera around 50?

I am also having this same issue with my ring device.
Were you able to find out what was causing the issue o were you able to fix the issue?

Hi there, neighbors! Video concerns are often related to wifi connection and resources. Check out your RSSI in the device health section of the Ring app, to ensure for optimal wifi signal. Please also ensure your mobile device connection is optimal, and that there is not a VPN enabled. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Solution that I have found for live view freezing is to shut off data.
If data is necessary use rapid ring.

Additional solution to live view not connecting is to deactivate G4,
On my phone you have three options
G2 G3 G4 automatic
G2 G3 automatic
Switching from G2 G3 G4 automatic to
G2 G3 automatic, allowed live view on the Ring app with my OnePlus 6t.
Online videos and games might have issues with this setting, if this creates too much of a hassle, as mentioned above, use rapid ring.
The settings for G2 G3 automatic does not interfere with the rapid Ring app, except making the video sluggish.

The end issue turns out to be a conflict between IPv4 and IPv6.