Ring freezing during live view

Hello, I have the ring doorbell first gen. The live video and audio are freezing, however playback works just fine. What I’ve tried so far: -rebooted my router modem combo -switched my phone to use data to see if that helps -changed the channel on my modem/router -reset the ring doorbell I’m not sure what else I should try? I do have the chime pro extender but it’s the same distants from my front door to the chime pro and my home network so I don’t see how that would make a difference. My chime pro and router are across from each other. My ring health report shows a good signal strength usually averageing around rssi50 or a little above. This just started recently. Any other ideas? Thanks!
Note that I can not share a video regarding the issue as it only does it during live view or answering a live ring, when I play it back audio and video are fine.

Is the RSSI for both the chime pro AND camera around 50?