Ring for Typical NYC Apartment Doors

Many years ago, I tried to install the Ring Doorbell with Peephole in my New York City apartment door. Unfortunately, the pre-drilled hole for the mechanical doorbell was too large (even with the adapter provided). This product has since been discontinued.

Since that time, most of family (who live in houses) have installed Ring products and absolutely love them! Without an actual “peep-hole sized” hole in the door, I’m unable to install my own Ring.

I’d love to see a product designed to replace the typical “NYC Style Doorbell” to replace my existing doorbell. As an example, see this site:
Auth Mechanical Door Chime - Gold Powder Coat - with Viewing Mirror, Name and Number Slots - Model 689106-02

If the original had included more than one collar adapter in larger sizes, I’d likely have kept it. I’m no engineer so I couldn’t exactly fabricate one myself nor could I find one commercially available.

Making a new product in the same style as a standard doorbell would make it blend in with others and not draw as much attention (therefore increasing security). It would also open up to a whole new market.

Hi @JDNY. Thank you for this feedback. I suggest adding interest to this Feature Request here, where other neighbors are voicing a similar opinion.