Ring for Business is Launched

Ring for Business launched August 8th, 2019!

At Ring, our mission is to make neighborhoods safer. Ring for Business offers products and services designed to provide customizable security for businesses. While you can use the same Ring security products at both home and business locations, how you install, set up, and use these devices may be quite different, depending on the type of business, the size and layout of the property, the number of employees you have and the number of customers who visit each day. This expansion will empower business owners to better monitor and secure their business – and we’re very excited about it!

Go here to learn more about Ring for Business and compare the packages we’ve put together for you!

We also suggest heading to our Ring for Business Support Page at Ring.com and checking out our articles for more information. The article “Using Ring to Secure Your Commercial Property” is great to start with.

Are you going to use Ring for Business? Got questions? Let us know!

Please help me understand how “Ring for Business” is different from “Ring for Consumers”. In our case we have a church with multiple buildings (Church, Parish Center, and Business Office/Clergy Residence). How might Ring for Business cater to this use case differently from the original residential consumer Alarm system? At initital glance the devices and professional monitoring packet looks the same.

Hi @BigFan ! Ring for Business offers products and services designed to provide customizable security for businesses. This help article explains Ring for Business in more detail. If you still have questions after reading that, please reach back out or give us a call and one of our specialist can further assist :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link to the additional details. I will have a look.

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Upon reviewing the “Ring for Business” soluton it seems to be identical to the orginal consumer version of Ring Alarm (hardware-wise), but with business-tailored instructions and back-end app support. For instance, there are disclaimers about how (the existing) smoke and CO detectors are not support for busniess applications (apparently smoke and CO requirements are different in many municipalities for commercial spaces).

QUESTION: In a multiple building enviornment (single business site), I assume you will nned one Base Station unit per building. Can a single business account (and a single Ring Protection Plus plan) be used spanning two buildings on the same business site?

Great question @BigFan how big are your buildings? If you provide a bit more information we can totally help!

It is a “typical” church property.

  • Rectory: Business Office plus private residential quarters (2 story building)
  • Church (120’ x 70’)
  • Parish Center (100’ x 60’)

Thanks for your consideration.

Hey @BigFan ! With the size of this space, having multiple buildings, and a commonly active establishment, we suggest considering connection quality and false alarms before installing Alarm here.

One Alarm might not reach all sensors on the property. Two Alarms would have a better chance with connection, but could certainly add more confusion with dispatch, monitoring, and configuration. To help further with your decision, check out this article on other things to consider with Alarm for your business.


Good points and all solvable issues. Perhaps something for Ring to consider as it matures the Ring for Business offer. There are many churches with multi-buidling properties throughout the US and North America.

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