Ring Floodlight settings scenario - need wisdom

Hi everybody,

I added the Ring Floodcam to the backyard as we moved to a new house downtown and have some usability challenges:

  • Where I need to place it there is not enough light during daytime so when the motion sensor triggers because we’re outside, the lights turn on

  • You can’t define in the Ring app when you enable the lights based on a schedule, just alerts

  • So I tried a Lutron Caseta dimmer and this is not cutting the mustard, after reading on this it’s just not doable. The idea is to put a schedule on the dimmer instead of the Ring Floodcam.

  • The lights are pretty bright so same scenario in the evening/night. Optimally I’d put a schedule from 10PM to 6AM for the Ring to operate.

Any suggestions / workarounds? Many thanks!