Ring Floodlight Pro 2021 Release

just received my Ring Floodlight Pro yesterday!

i was replacing the old Ring Spotlight Battery which i eventually bought a third party hard wire kit from amazon! i used to have 2 batteries and a solar panel on it all from Ring!

i have to say i enjoy the updated 3d detection technology and 5G wifi capablity but it does lack a few options and way of working compared to the Ring Spotlight and for that reason im not all that happy that something so much more expensive and advanced is missing such basic settings!

overall its great and much better motion detection than ring spotlight!

but i wish they would have included some of the options that are missing that the spotlight had!

like with the Ring spotlight, the smart motion when it would stop detecting motion via smart motion settings the light turns off as soon as it stops recording!

but with the floodlight pro it doesn’t it records the whole 50seconds and the light stays on for 1 minute minimum after that and doesn’t detect/notify of other motion because its still recording the whole 50seconds

the floodlight lights are always late coming on when motion is detected, the camera starts recording and there is a 2-4 second delay as to when the lights come on! very annoying!

ring has alot of work to do and software/hardware updates to improve!

im thinking of going back to my Ring Spotlight! too bad i had to do quite a few modifications to install this one! whole new wiring and mount!