Ring floodlight plus gasket not flush

Ring floodlight plus gasket not flush

Hi all,

Purchased the ring floodlight plus (2021) with camera recently and found that the black gasket does not sit flush with the box that held my own floodlight. Not sure if it’s a design flaw or if I need to purchase a mounting plate or box to make it watertight. Any suggestions? TIA

Hi; not familiar with mounting the floodlight plus. Are there screws in the front that secure the light to the electrical box?

Yes, it came with that metal mounting bracket.

I just watched the installation video. It looks like you first install a flush metal bracket to the wall and then the through screws go through the actual camera assembly. Then you install the nuts of the ends of those machine screws with the Ring screwdriver, correct? Is the Ring metal bracket flush with your wall in the first place? Are the nuts threaded all the way on the machine screws and then tightened down carefully? Perhaps you have cross-threaded one of the nuts and you don’t have it screwed down on the bolt all the way.

Hi there, @Devonedwards1! Your Floodlight Cam Wired Plus must be installed on a 4“ round UL listed weatherproof electrical box. This is both for proper, intended, and safe operation. If you are unsure or uncomfortable with installing this, we recommend hiring a qualified electrician. Feel free to also check out our help center article for more information on installation. :slight_smile:

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Chiming in here. :slight_smile:
I just installed the same, Ring floodlight plus on to a 4" round electrical box. Previously I had the prior version of the floodlight. The previous version had a better backplate that was perfectly flush to the box. The floodlight plus has issues. 1) The metal bracket sits and fits correctly on the round box BUT the screws head are not flush. That a problem! 2) the plastic backplate, there is a single center screw to attach it to the electric box. In additional to the first problem, the single screw doesn’t allow to secure down the edges. For me, there is a gap on top maybe a bit larger than an 1/8 inch.

I recommend to Ring to have at least 2 mounting points to help close the gap.
The other possibility is to have holes on the plastic back plate where the screws secure the metal bracket so it’ll be flush together.
Last, go back to a metal plate instead of cheap plastic!

I agree. The older models accommodated flush mounting to the wall much better. In some of my installations, the electrician installed shallow 4” round boxes for outside lights. Other flood and exterior lights install just fine but the not the newer Ring flood lights whose metal cross bracket does not end up receded into the box. I am still looking for an off the shelf gasket to add to the back of the main Ring plastic mounting plate to seal to the wall.

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