Ring floodlight not following schedule

My ring floodlight will not follow the light schedule. It just started about a week ago. Lights must be turned on and off manually.

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Hi @mjs0753. Do you have any devices linked to this Floodlight Cam? If so, try removing this device as a Linked Device to see if that will allow the schedule to work correctly. Let me know if this works.

I had a similar problem with my motion schedule i.e. entering the turn off time and the turn on time. It seems like somehow the turn on time showed “Next Day” so i had to manually change. A call to ring support helped with this, check your schedule to verify if it shows “next day” at turn on. I had to remove the schedule and when I put in another schedule I could see the “next day” on the turn on time.

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mjs0753 -

Are you referring to Light Schedule problems associated with a Ring Floodlight Cam (1st Gen) device?

If so, it might be helpful if you ask Ring Community moderators to merge this thread into the following thread so that as many posts as possible regarding such issues are all in one place: