Ring Floodlight not connecting to Xfinity XFI Modem and Eero router

Ring flood light Wired Security Camera is not able to connect Chime Pro ( 2nd generation ) or Home WIfi
EERO Pro 6 router is connected to XFI Xfinity cable modem

Only two Flood light cameras are connected and working

Other 3 Flood light camera not connecting to either Chime Pro or Home Wifi

Spoke with multiple Ring Security camera Customer services I have spoken with them for more 3 hours for past two weeks

No resolution has happened yet

I am NOT getting HELP from Ring Customer Service or RING Technical support to resolve the connectivity issue

We try to preset the reset button

Chime Pro and eero router are located in less than 10 feet from Flood Light camera

Is anyone having issue with Ring Flood light camera with EERO Pro 6 router and XFI Xfinity modem

Please HELP

Thank You

Hi @Samraksha. What error message are you receiving in the Ring app when you’re trying to set up your Floodlight Cams? If possible, please share a screenshot of which part of the setup process you’re at when the setup fails. Are your 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks combined under the same network name and password, or do they have different network names and passwords?