Ring floodlight live view not working

Hi guys i wanted some help

So i have the outdoor floodlight. The first one had water damage and poor signal. Almost gave up and ringo sent me a new one last week. Ive got a water proof cover on it and with the wifi booster it worked excellent for a week.

However now live view is showing me a swirl? I can vaguely make out the background moving. Once i go outside and it detects motion it seems to focus and clear up completely.
Ive went outside and checked their is nothing covering the lense?

I cant afford to send it back as i use an electrician to remove and install each time. Someone help

help is kindly apppreciated. Ive attached a screenshot of what u see.

Hi @Hasanzishan. If you take the waterproof cover off of it, do you still have this issue? The swirl mark appears to be a reflection of the camera lens.