Ring Floodlight has started to Strobe/Flicker

We started having this issue a month or so ago. Turns out we got the floodlight cam in August 2018, so we got nearly 4.5 years out of it.

Now to decide what replacement to use.

Funny story. My neighbors ring camera started strobing. I thought… well that’s annoying. Mine literally started doing it no more than a week later. We have two cameras in two separate houses strobing out front. It’s like a rave.

Like others, not buying another ring product again.

Same issues but one light had blown totally and the other just flickers . Tried all steps and nothing works to fix the strobing light .

My floodlight cam started strobing today, tried everything mentioned to no avail, so I went on live chat, spent half an hour verifying who I was and what the problem was, initially told the person on live chat could help me today, then gave me a phone number to call when I am back at home (I am at work at the moment) I wrongly thought they would remote in do a few checks etc and tell me what I could do or send me a replacement as I have protect plus on my account, but no, I have to phone when back home, not happy, especially as it looks like it is a very common problem.

Same strobe issue here as of yesterday. one light is dead, the other a strobe. hard and soft reset do not correct the issue. Coupled with my doorbell that randomly falls offline and loses charge (after seeveral years of working fine) and my need to buy a new solar panel because one of the fins on the mount post broke in the wind…time to dump all of this Ring equipment in the trash and move to a new solution. Terrrible quality, performance, and service.

Came home after several weeks away in hospital to find my floodlight strobing when detecting motion. I’ve tried knocking off the power, will try the reset tonight although reading this thread I’m not optimistic.

It’s little under 3yrs so hopefully support will be able to provide a replacement. Ideally I’d move to another system, based on the feedback in this thread and also the long promised but never delivered HomeKit support. However, the way things are at the moment i.e “cost of living crisis” it’s not a great time to be forking out on new gear!

My Ring floodlight camera started strobing about a month ago after working well for 3 years. Reset and power cycle have not fixed the issue. About a week after the floodlight started strobing my Ring Pro doorbell also went dead. Completely separate circuits. New transformer was installed 2 years ago for the new Ring doorbell because I didn’t want a battery powered one. I am wondering if this might be more of a software update issue than a hardware issue. This seems to be happening to a lot of us at around the same time. That would explain it affecting two very different Ring product setups flood and doorbell.
I’ll watch the posts to see if there are any other solves. Not sure if I will buy replacement Ring products.

Add me to the list. My floodlight cam sarted strobing last week. My neighbor gave me a call after i went out to my car to grab something and she noticed the strobe. She was concerned that we were having an emergency and the strobe was some kind of sos signal. Thanks Ring. If you can’t fix this, you’ve lost a subscription customer. Calling your automated tech support “discobot” has me thinking that this disco strobe is intentional.

And add me to the list. Started this weekend.

Same over here. I’m looking to see if there is a firmware update or some other solution. There are a significant increase in complaints recently.

Same issue - started strobing last night!
Any progress on how to fix the issue?

Hi neighbors. As mentioned in the solution, if you have tried the troubleshooting steps mentioned above and are still having the same concern, give our support team a call for further assistance.

Add me as well. This is clearly a hardware flaw. I guess the money for engineers to research a solution for this has been diverted into launching Jeff Bezos into space.

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Our unit started the same thing about a month ago. I will be calling their technical support tomorrow. Hoping they will be able to help, but it’s not sounding promising. Originally I turned the lights off from dusk to dawn (kind of defeats the purpose). Tonight I connected the ring to a different internet and now even though I set the lights to off, the lights come on and flash when it senses motion. Very frustrating.

Mine started strobing last night. I have a whole ring system, I don’t want to replace this one and then have everything break down.

Same issue happens to me too, from a week ago. What is the solution? Reset doesn’t work.

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