Ring Floodlight has started to Strobe/Flicker

Mine started doing this tonight. I did a reset and even changed wifi settings. Not flashing now until lights are activated. Then they just strobe.
Seems to be an ongoing problem. Doubt I’ll spend money on another one.

My floodlight cam just started strobing as well. No power outage though. I’ve had it for just over two years so I think I’m past warranty :frowning:

Same thing here. 2 floodlight cams. Both started strobing about 6 months apart. Garbage!

Hi neighbors. Your Floodlight Cam should not be flickering or strobing. This could be due to how your Floodlight Cam is wired, so be sure to check the electrical circuit. You may need a qualified electrician to do this. Power cycling and rebooting the device are two troubleshooting steps you can try. You can perform a power cycle by disconnecting the Floodlight Cam from power for at least 10 minutes. To reboot, hold the setup button for 20 seconds, then release. If you are still experiencing strobing or flickering, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

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Thanks for your input, Tom but it should be obvious that your solution attempts are not the real solution. We’ve all tried, numerous ways to get our Rings back on line without strobing. It’s obvious to me that your equipment appears to be designed to last slightly longer than your warranty period. Whilst we appreciate your warranty is good for three years, why is it that the rings cannot last perhaps to four years? I’m not impressed.

i agree RFH Tom’s response is awfully similar to Catlyin_ring above…good script, if it was helpful. find a solution to fix the problem for happy customers - not same product replacements & discounts on same defective product. come on now in this day & age u can’t figure this out?

Hey @RFHallett and @jd6272. I can assure you that my response is not scripted. Here in the Ring Community, we offer basic troubleshooting that fixes most concerns. Because there are numerous variables to consider when basic troubleshooting fails, we strongly advise you to contact support so that an agent can examine your specific case and determine how to resolve the issue. Additionally, if you are a Ring Protect Plan Plus subscriber, your device will be covered under an extended warranty as long as you have an active subscription. Thanks, neighbors.

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I now have the same issue. Both floodlight cams are leading to overnight raves in my back garden. Based on the complaints this is clearly a significant fault in the product that needs addressed.

How does this have an ‘accepted answer’?
Same issue, same result - none of the debugging/resetting helps.
Its essentially a hardware failure, something that appears to be common based on the replies so far - bad PR to accept that? :expressionless:

LED lights ought to have longer life’s than this. And such a waste to throw it away because they have non-replaceable bulbs. Such brain dead (or rather, customer antagonistic) design.

No way am I replacing them with another Ring product, its a pain to get a ladder and replace something that is hard wired. It really ought to have had replaceable lights.

same issue here, please address this hardware issue ring!

I find it hard to believe that someone hasn’t start a law suit for this flickering issue. It seems quite coincidental that it starts happening a few months after the warranty ends.

I am adding my flood light ring cam to the growing list of strobing or flickering issues. I followed the suggestions mentioned above and it has not resolved the issue. It also was purchased about 3 years ago. BTW, this ring floodlight cam replaced a flood light that had been working for more than twenty years with no strobing issues. :thinking: