Ring Floodlight Hardwired Camera, red wire, aux lights and page 42

I am trying has hard as I can but maybe I’m not seeing this right.

So, I have the Ring Floodlight hardwired Camera, I need to use the red wire on existing wired setup to control 2 other lights (left and right of my garage) and they are simple LED lights that don’t draw much power.

Everywhere I look people are referencing page 42-45 in the install manual under Advanced Installation, but I simply don’t have a page 42. Ends at page 39.

I’m reading a few Amazon posts saying that Ring did away with that feature in a firmware update… and I’m reading others that have set it up successfully. I think I might have a new-new model that no longer supports that feature?

So, decided to come here and post to get more info.

I do have a red wire still on the back of the unit, and I think I just need to pig tail to that.

Thanks in advanced for your help.

Just a quick clarification - the red wire that I have is already capped to the two black wires going to the flood lights on the actual Ring unit. So My assumption here is that I just cut and pig tail to that connector to control the other two lights I’m referring to.

Pigtail into these guys. Thanks again for your help guys and gals.

I have the same setup where the old motion sensor controlled two other lights (left and right side of garage). Did you cut the wires to pigtail it in? And will this work if it’s 2 regular light bulbs?