Ring floodlight camera - turning lights on

I will soon be new user of ring alarm solutions. For now i just bought inside alarm system.

But soon i plan to upgrade system to outside camera security.

I have one major question for you.

I would like to install camera in front of my main house door. Now there is normal light which turn on with normal switch which is located inside of house. So when the switch is turned on, there is electicity at light bulb and when switch is turned off there is no electricity at light bulb.

I am planing to replace this light bulb with ring floodlight camera.

Problem is that if i want to have camera powered on full time, the switch inside of house will not be in function anymore.

But i want to have switch function also.

So if i turn the switch on, lights on floodlight camera must turn on, when the switch is turned off, floodlight camera lights must be off (but camera still needs to be turn on). I am not a fan of sensor switching lights when i am waking on my front porch.

Is there any solution? Can i install some sort of z-wave switch instead of normal switch and program it inside of your app to turn on the floodlight lights?

Or do you have any other solution?

Hi @user78067. This is not an option, as the Floodlight Cam would be disconnected from power when you flip the switch. This behavior would be the same on a regular switch or a Z-Wave switch. You can manually toggle the lights on or off for the Floodlight Cam in the Ring app.