Ring Floodlight Camera Re-connect

Ring Floodlight Cameras - Major design flaw! I just called Ring to try to discuss the issue and they did not care one fig. So I bought 4 Blink cameras and One Ring Floodlight Camera. The Blinks are all wireless completely and installed 50-80’ from the house. They have zero isssues, and if one does lose signal I simply reconnect from the App. I tried to explain all of this to RING and explained that in the 4 weeks I have had all of these cameras that my Ring Floodlight hardwired camera / Wi_Fi has lost signal maybe once a week. It’s located at the peak of our garage maybe 40’ from our main Wi_Fi. Each time it goes offline requires getting a ladder out and holding down the reset button multiple times to reconnect. I asked customer support how this works when someone is traveling out of state and have to drive home to physically reconnect a ring camera?? I asked him multiple times if anyone else had ever complained as it’s a major design flaw. Anyone else complain about this???