Ring floodlight camera pro

Cannot view live
Motions stops recording randomly

Have reset internet, reset cameras and changed router

Also upgraded to pro floodlight cam

It wont connect to my 5G internet

My connection is RSSI -50

Anyone else having this problem?

Hi @Frontman. I’m not sure what error you’re receiving when you say that you can’t access the Live View, but you can find troubleshooting steps for Live View in our Community Post on the concern here. Typically you want to still use a 2.4GHz connection as it has a larger effective range than a 5.0GHz connection while still offering sufficient speeds. As for motion, your Ring Camera is not going to record continuously. When it detects motion, it will record for a certain amount of time based on your Video Recording Length. I hope this information is helpful. :slight_smile:

It doesnt record motion even tho there are people walking past or cars driving i have motion sensitivty on max

It should still connect to 5G
I know what you mean by coverage 2.4g is better

When i click live view it continously keeps loading then it just say error so i cannot view live

Sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt

@Frontman You can find more information on how to optimize the motion detection with the Motion Frequency setting here. If the troubleshooting tips and tricks in the Community Post I linked above were not helpful, I’d recommend following up with our support team to troubleshoot further about the Live View. You can give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

I’ve heard there are issues with the newer floodlight cameras. I have the original and it is pretty rock solid.

I know how to set motion
I rang support team they just made me reset camera
Its doing the same thing again

It only shows snapshots as i have that setting on but is not recording motion

Mine is doing the same it’s driving me nuts! I reset it, it works for about an hour and then stops again!