Ring floodlight camera not recording at night for motion.

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I know for a fact that my Floodlight cam does not record some motions in the middle of the night. I put another static camera and there was other definitely movement from cars and the floodlight cam did not record.

How can we solve this? The wifi signal is good and was never dropped.

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Hey @kcqpokemon! In low light conditions, light will help a lens to adjust properly to see an object in motion. This can come from outdoor lighting or the PIR lights on the Ring device itself. Keep in mind that lights can only illuminate so much of an area, so the range of detection may vary by environment, at night. In addition, when the camera detects motion at night, the PIR sensors look for a heat source.

To improve motion detection at night:
* Try leaving exterior lighting on near the device
* Since the Ring device has lights, a light schedule can be used
* Try changing the motion sensitivity to ‘People Only’
* Tilt the camera so the PIR detection range covers the desired area.

If you continue to have any issues, please contact our support at 1-800-656-1918! :slight_smile:

The lights on my floodlight cam occasionally come on at night, but there is no audible alert and no recording. Other times (for example, when I walk outside) the lights come on, the alert sounds, and the recording is just fine.

A previous post mentioned the relationship between the motion detection and the PIR. Could it be that the motion sensor triggers the lights, but the alert and recording depend on the PIR sensing a heat source? Is there a setting to change that would force alert and recording whenever the lights come on?

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Hey @MichaelW, happy to chime in for Chelsea here! The lights are controlled by PIR motion sensors which are separate from the motion detection for the recording itself. This means that sometimes the lights will come on but there will not be a recording to accompany the lights, as only the PIR motion sensors detected motion which triggered the lights. I’d recommend reviewing our Help Center Article on how to control the lights on the Floodlight here. I hope that helps clear things up for you! :slight_smile:

Hi, I have the same problem and I would like to know if this has been resolved?

My problem is I have kept one floodlight on one side of my house. So, the view is a rectangular strip focused on the windows on that same side of the wall. At night, while the light is triggered when I stand near the farthest window, the motion recording sensors are not and I get no alerts. The surprising thing is if a car passes on the road still farther away from the farthest window I am standing at, motion recording does get activated. I am not sure if this is due to the speed of the car or something else. However, if I walk towards the window in the same direction, the lights get activated when I am at the window but no recording gets triggered.

Any recommendation would be appreciated.

Hi @skumar. Would you be able to provide a screenshot of the view from your Floodlight Cam? This will give the Community a better idea of what you are describing. Once we can see what you see, we’ll be able to offer some suggestions!

I have noticed the same issue. Seems to be a common problem and that’s extremely troubling. There should be no reason that when one sensor is tripped, like the one for the light, the other should automatically record. Obviously, it doesn’t work good and now I may have to replace. What a waste of money and these flood lights are not cheap. You need to create a fix for this. Extremely dissatisfied.

Catilyn is absolutely right here and I think many folks don’t understand how these cameras work. I didn’t either and thought my spotlight battery cams were defective when I first got them. Even phone technical support (at least the agents I talked to) don’t understand this. Indeed, light activation is based on the motion detected by the PIR heat sensors. So, lights can come on and there is still no recording. I was getting delayed video recording with my battery spotlight cameras because of this. However, additional lighting makes a HUGE difference. I found that with a porch light on, video recording starts as expected AND is much better resolution anyway than night vision or with the Ring light on. It seems the light from the Ring devices is simply not perhaps enough to start immediate recording. I do agree, that it would seem it should be enough, however. As to your question about cars activating video, here is also something important you may not know. These motion sensors are MUCH more sensitive to motion ACROSS their path as opposed to coming straight at them. This is also true for basic security motion sensor lights. So, if you can, place the camera such that it catches desired motion moving across the sensor whenever possible.