Ring Floodlight Camera - motion sensor not enabling light

My Ring Floodlight camera has stopped turning on the light when motion is detected.

The light can be turned on manually, and I am receiving motion alerts/notification.
I have changed all of my light and motion detection settings back to the defaults but that has had no effect.

Worked fine up until a week ago, I had made no changes to the setup at that point.

Hi @ajcooper. There is a few troubleshooting steps I can offer to see if it will resolve your Floodlight issues. First, disconnect the Floodlight from power for 3 minutes, then reconnect. Once it powers back up, press and hold the setup button on top of the Floodlight for 20 seconds, then release. This will reboot your Floodlight cam and allow you to reconnect it to wifi. This should cause your Floodlight to resume normal function. I hope this helps!