Ring floodlight camera lens cover has fallen off

My Ring floodlight cam showing blurry image. tried cleaning with various methods, but no luck. Found lens plastic cover has fallen off and that is why lens is fogging up. What should I do? Is there replacement lens cover available or just lens as all sensors and floodlight works just fine

Hi @jm1481. What is the RSSI for your Floodlight Cam? If this blurry video is due to condensation or fogging, you can apply a small amount of Rain-X to clear things up.

RSSI is 73 for device. The issue is top cover for lens has been dropped somehow and that is why it is keep fogging up. Will try Rain-x, is there other option if this does not work

Hi @jm1481. It would be helpful to see a picture of what the video quality looks like, as well as what the lens of the Floodlight Cam looks like. If the lens itself is physically damaged, you would need to get in touch with our support team for assistance.