Ring Floodlight Camera issues weekly

Code: p1-74

I’ve been researching this for a week because none of this is making sense. The camera was working just fine as it was recording me then a minute later, power is gone, camera thinks it’s WiFi, i had an electrician take a look and said the device is getting power but not turning on.
Reaching out to Ring for help but if anyone else has come across a sudden dead Ring Floodlight camera please don’t be shy.

Hi @Mcnealv. The code you’re receiving does indicate that the Floodlight Cam needs to be reconnected to your wifi network. If the last recorded RSSI was -71, the connection to the Floodlight Cam likely needs to be improved so it’s more stable. You can read more about RSSI here, and find steps on how to reconnect your Floodlight Cam to wifi here. Before attempting to reconnect your Camera, you can reset it by holding down the setup button for at least 20 seconds. If possible, you may also want to try and reposition your wifi router to be a bit closer to the Camera so it can easily connect.