RING Floodlight Camera - Bulbs Burnout

First of all, I love the RING product and have purchased 5 different cameras from the organization. However, two different Floodlight Cameras purchased have burned-out bulbs after about 2 years of usage. One FLC was in the city and the other in the suburbs. I called to ask RING Customer Service if they made any advancements on this issue? Their only solution was to buy a NEW FLC. I can’t believe that with all of the technological advancements RING has made, they can’t come up with a fix for replacing the FLC bulb, except to purchase a new device at $160 - $200 every two years! That just doesn’t make sense to me and the Customers that support the product. Finally, I do understand about setting the motion settings… but my camera in the suburbs doesn’t go off often, yet still the bulbs burned out after two years. HELP!