Ring floodlight cam turning on auxilary lights

I just bought a new wired floodlight cam pro. I thought that it was capable of turning on other non-smart lights when its own light illuminates because of movement. But the enclosed instructions do not show this but the instructions onthe website name a 4th wire, a red wire, that can be run to other non smart lights. Which floodlight cam do i need?

Hi @jpalatine. No versions of the Floodlight Cam on Ring.com can be wired into other external lights to be able to control them. Can you please share the Ring document you have found that has instructions on wiring a Floodlight Cam to other external lights?

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This feature was available with the original Spotlight Cam wired if you purchased a kit:
Spotlight Cam Hardwired Converter Kit | Ring

My Spotlight Cam recently stopped working, is this feature available on the new Spotlight Cam Plus or Pro versions?