Ring Floodlight Cam setup will not complete

My mother has several ring devices. She’s added another Ring Floodlight Cam (wired installation) but runs into problems getting this Floodlight cam presumably to the network.

She has several other Floodlight cams and doorbell cams connected to several Ring Chime and Ring Chime Pro’s.

This new Floodlight Cam connects successfully to a Chime Pro, which is connected to her wireless network. The in app setup seems to connect the Floodlight Cam and you can hear a voice prompt from the device saying that it’s been connected and ready to go. Then the app seems to stall for several minutes and then a message appears saying “Setup Failed, something went wrong” and gives options to retry or cancel the setup. Retrying ends up with the same results.

Bypassing the Chime Pro and connecting directly to the wireless network results in the same error. A hard reset of the device ends up with the same results.

The floodlight cam is not listed in the app anywhere and not shown as linked to the Chime Pro… Strangely enough, it is sending motion alerts and video is shown when you click on the alert. But nowhere in the app is this device listed.

I’m baffled as to the cause of this setup failure and why it sends alerts if the device isn’t setup or listed.

Make sure your not using AdGuard or a VPN. I ran into a similar situation after buying 2 more floodlight cams. The first one setup with no issues and the other 2 would fail in the last step. I reset and retried and was dumbfounded until I remebered having an issue with my router app (nighthawk) not working due to an adblocker. I disabled AdGuard on my android device and setup completed on each device with no issues. Once setup was complete I re-enabled AdGuard and have no issues.

Hey @epontius! Have you attempted to remove the Ring app, reboot your phone (turn it off/on) and then reinstall the Ring app? This could possibly address your concern of the camera not showing up in the app. If you’re still unable to see it, but still getting notifications for said camera, please reach out to our support team at 1-800-656-1918 to troubleshoot further. Happy holidays! :smiley_cat:

Updating the app fixed the problem.

My mother contacted support. The device was listed on Ring’s end but not in the app. After being transfered around a bit she talked with a level 2 rep who checked the app version and determined it was out of date. Updating the app then allowed the setup of this particular device to work.

I feel a little silly for not checking that first.

Thanks for everyone’s suggestions.

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