Ring Floodlight Cam question

New to Ring and just got 3 floodlight cam and all 3 of them have plastic round mounting plates instead of the round metal ones that I’ve seen on the web and youtube. How durable are the plastic mounting plates? for the folks that have the same setup. I cant seem to find the metal mounting plates anywhere, contacted support to get the metal ones and no luck. I’d rather have the metal mounting plate for longevity and not worry about the plastic ones breaking.

Hi @James550. If you’ve purchased a new Floodlight Cam, you have the correct mounting bracket. The older version of the Floodlight Cam came with a different bracket. Rest assured that the plastic used for the Floodlight Cam is durable and will hold up to the elements.

If this is a concern for you, local home improvement stores like Home Depot often sell universal mounting brackets that will work and are fairly inexpensive. You can take the mounting bracket that you have as a size reference. I hope this helps.

@James550 Yeah, they suck. I have two older floodlight cameras that have the metal bracket. I wanted two more floodlights, they came with the plastic ones. Luckily the one that mounted to a metal box worked. But I found it dumb that there is only the center screw on the plate to mount the bracket on. On my other one, there was no box. Just wires coming out of a hole. For this, I drilled out four holes in the plastic bracket first, then screwed it on the wall. Luckily, there is just enough room for the wire nuts in between the camera and the bracket. I thought the new cameras would be better than the old, but they are not, they are not made to the same standards as the old ones. I like Ring products, but was pretty disappointed in the quality of the new floodlight cameras. For example, you can’t screw the lights down to hold their position like on the old ones. Hopefully they stay put and don’t droop over time.