Ring Floodlight Cam Pro - Not detecting or missing motion at night

My floodlight cam stopped detecting motion a couple of months ago.

I troubleshooted with Ring CSR on 2 separate occasions and they want me to try and replicate the issue including calling back at night and walking up and down the street/driving by etc. This is ridiculous. You can clearly see what once used to be detected now randomly does not get detected anymore (vehicles driving by, animals walking by on the snapshot capture but no video capture) even when my sensitivity is now maxed out (whereas it was only at 2/3 before and was able to capture the motion).

Frustrating and a let down to say the least. I searched some older threads and seems to be happening to others too but no solutions have been provided.

Hi @iluvmysh. This is the Ring Community where other neighbors, I or other members of my team can suggest basic troubleshooting steps to try and help resolve your concern. Since you have worked with our support team twice, you might have already gone through the troubleshooting steps I would have recommended. The next best step is to continue working with our support team, and if you have an ongoing concern, you should be able to escalate it to our advanced technical support team to further investigate.


Are you still having these issues?

I came the Ring Community tonight to see if others were experiencing issues with motion sensitivity of their Floodlight Cams. I am also noticing the far reduced motion detection on my Floodlight cams as well, where movement is not even detected and recorded in bright daylight.

I have two of the Gen 1 Floodight Cams. They are set to record all motion but only notify of People. Previously with the motion sensitivity was set around medium or medium-low, they were able to detect and record wildlife (e.g., rabbits, birds) and cats, even black cats at night, which is exactly what I wanted.

Then the last month or so, no animals were being detected or recorded. At first I thought that maybe the animals were not coming around, which makes no sense because I’ve them on other cameras in other parts of the yard.

Yesterday, I increased the motion sensitivity to almost the maximum. Then this afternoon in bright sunshine, I saw a cat walk right in front of both Floodligh Cams, and it was not detected or recorded.

I am very disappointed that the Floodlight cams are now not able to detect animals even when the motion sensitivity is set at maximum. They must have done some sort of firmware update or something that caused this.

I hope others will come to the Ring Community and report their issues as well. When I get a spare moment, I will call Ring support to report to see if they will investigate and fix. Please call them also if you are still experiencing this.

I am wondering if this issue is also occurring in my Stick Up cams lately…

I agree with the sentiment highlighted in this issue. The sensitivity is varied, esspecially at the fringes of the zones.