Ring floodlight cam - motion detection off - lights still come on

Hi, I’ve got a ring floodlight cam, on which I noticed the lights coming on very regularly (almost all the time) at night.

I’ve turned the motion detection off, and even now they keep turning on, even when I manually turn them off again. Motion detection is off, and no motion is detected in my configured zones, nor any video recorded.

I suspect motion may occur beyond these zones (there’s a road beyond), but this presumably shouldn’t trigger the lights, especially with motion detection off. Any ideas what could be going on?

I have two wired floodlight cams and while they are great devices, the software is really over-engineered. I think you’re having the same issue I am, and this is my understanding: this device is basically two separate devices in one, a motion sensor camera, and a motion-sensing floodlight. Even with camera motion OFF, basic floodlight motion is still on unless you go into Device Settings > Light Settings and turn off “motion-activated lights”.

Where it gets insanely confusing is that if you do this, I believe even camera motion will no longer turn the lights on even if you re-enable that toggle. In short, there is way too much messy overlap between how camera motion drives the lights, and how the light zones + detection radius + settings drives the lights. I tried to get a clear answer from this in my own post here and didn’t have much luck.

It’s really annoying because many of us just want to disable “feature #2” above, and have the light ONLY turn on based on the camera motion zone box, which should be extraordinarily simple to do based on all the other logic they have in this device. But the way that have coupled the features together is baffling.

I’ve been able to tune things such that it almost works as I want, but I feel like I’m fighting the software to do so. I hope they update it in the future; it is way more complicated than it should be. Otherwise, it’s a near flawless product. But the product design team really went off the rails when designing the interface for this device.

I’ve turned the light motion off and it still turns on all the time amazingly!

Ah ok, weird. And you have camera motion detection off as well?

Both off now - still keeps turning on all the time!

HI @Bdavbdavbdav. Would you mind sharing a few screenshots of your Light Settings for your Floodlight Cam? A screenshot of the Light Settings menu, and the Motion Zones for Lights screen would both be helpful.

Hi @Caitlyn_Ring - is that these?

Picture 2

I’ve even tried setting a light schedule to keep lights off at all times and they still seem to come on.

Hi @Bdavbdavbdav. I am happy to chime in. Thank you for sharing those screenshots. I would recommend trying to reboot your Camera using the Ring app to see if it helps. If it does not help, reach out to our support team to have this investigated more in depth. Give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here.