Ring Floodlight cam - Lights not working correctly


I have two floodlight cams that have both started acting up at exactly the same time. The light functions no longer work correctly as follows:

  1. The lights come on during the day
  2. The lights come on at random at night with no motion
  3. The lights don’t come on at night when there is motion including waving your hands around like mad whilst stood directly under it
  4. You can’t turn the lights on manually
  5. If the lights are on, you can’t turn them off manually
  6. Light schedules are ignored and the above happens even if you delete the schedule entirely.

Again this started happening with both my units at exactly the same time. So clearly there has been some sort of update to them in the last 2-3 weeks that has broken the functionality of the lights and needs to be reverted. A security camera must be reliable, this is absolutely paramount, otherwise it’s of no use to anyone. There are a few other reports on here of the same thing happening, and considering it’s happened to both mine at the same time I highly doubt it’s a hardware fault.

Hi @SirCozak. I have responded to this post where you and others have shared the same concern as you are mentioning here.

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