Ring floodlight cam keep rebooting by itself

I was trying to setup a ring floodlight cam by connecting to light switch (not dimmer) today and everything worked fine before connecting to my wifi. I can go into the setup mode and able to find the ‘Ring setup’ wifi name in my phone but I just can’t make the cam connect to my wifi. So I try to hold the button 15-30s to reset it. After that, the cam just keep rebooting by itself in every ~1 minute. And I cannot find the ‘Ring setup’ wifi name in my phone anymore (iphone or android). Had anyone seen that before? Note: I am able to find the ring wifi and the cam didn’t automatically reboot before I perform the factory reset.

I shoot a video of how it reboot by itself. Please check https://photos.app.goo.gl/KNFpEpV9gvXKix9eA

Hi @pythonxy, do you by any chance have another device you could try the setup on? Sometimes this can do the trick! If you try the device setup on a tablet or another phone and it’s still not working, please reach out to our support team here for further troubleshooting.